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Character Appreciation - Queen Serenity 

The original Queen of the Moon (or that we know of, at least). She births the galaxy’s strongest soldier and the future Queen of the earth and moon. This is a mother who willingly, lovingly, sacrifices her own life and kingdom, so that her daughter can be reborn. She watches as Serenity commits suicide over the loss of Endymion & sees the fall of her entire kingdom. She tells Serenity “remember to live as a young woman” because thats why the queen wanted her to be reborn. So she could live a life and find Endymion again (because my headcanon tells me she planned it perfectly so they would find one another again)

This is a beautiful character that made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the moon and her loved ones. I wish, wish, wish with all of my heart that at some point, whether through the new anime reboot or interviews, SOMETHING, we learn more about Queen Serenity. There’s so many unanswered questions about her and it’s killing me. I want to know about her life prior to Serenity’s birth. Hell i want to know more about her DURING Serenity’s mother. One of my favorite scenes in the whole series (both anime & manga) is the one in the dream arc of the manga where little Serenity has a nightmare & the queen comforts her. I NEED MORE THINGS LIKE THAT. 


what i’m trying to get at is


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