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Happy birthday, Rei!

I’m not sure why, but this made me cry ;u; I love this so much!

Made even better by the fact Minako remembered that Casablanca Lilies are Rei’s favorite flower. <33

Hey this is really sweet. 

How beautiful! TwT 

I still can’t get over that short story.

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lessons learned from anime

  • don’t get inside the robot
  • people with bad haircuts always lose
  • the cute girl is psycho
  • the cute guy isn’t human
  • when in doubt scream “baka” and run away
  • glasses should be adjusted with one finger in a condescending manner
  • gotta catch em all
  • and maybe probably respect your elders
  • white haired boy dies

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Okay you can blame/thank Mary for this one. I’m not eVEN SORRY.


Okay you can blame/thank Mary for this one. I’m not eVEN SORRY.

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sailor concepts (black and white)

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Hey… until the day when our duties end… will you always stay by my side and help protect this planet?
Of course I will.
And will you always live with me?
I promise you I will.  We will always be together.
I promise too.  I will always protect you.

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